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Sunday, August 9, 2009


It have been really really long time since I updated my blog.My keypad has turn to rust and spiderwebs are everywhere on my laptop screen.If I'm not mistaken there is some ants crawling around the touchpad.What a depressing view.*sigh*

Anyway since I've started my internship at SONY Company.I haven't got any time to leisure and throw myself around like wild monkey.Ahh...how I miss being a student.Coping with work hours,which is 12 hour a day and 7 days a week.Damn they really know how to squeeze every little thing out of me.

Work sure is tough.Tense and pressure build up in me and I haven't got any time to release anything.Sometimes I think I'm like a ticking clock.With my serial rapist face and wolfish smile,I think it suit me well with my condition right now.But people really can be dense sometimes,heck don't blame me if anything happen.Frankly speaking I'm really on the verge to burst.I'm quite amazed with myself putting up with this.Held myself back, but for some people who really know me well,they knew that self control and abstinence is not my trump card.

*breath deeply* I haven't rained for quite awhile that sometimes I think my family jewel is slowly expiring and become fermented.Lol
Hornociously Dangerous

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7:30 PM
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mother F!!!

"Aku bukan kaki ampu tau!" Yeahh right!!
If you are really like what you said, then why are your nose is sticking in between of our supervisor arse? Come on now give him some space will you.Climb down his arse and let him queef for god sake!

What happens when we work in the company stays in the company.You don't need to brag or whine about every little flimsy and silly things.And why the hell are you mad at me for? Did I ask you to heavy lift my work? Did I ask you to cover my shift? Did I ask for your help? Hell NO!! Then why are you acting like a superstar?

You keep saying things like how you hate it when people think that people that come from Miri is "Kampung" or "Ulu" but seeing how you are, no wonder people think like that.

You are racist toward Malay and Indian.You keep going on and on about how malay people is so stupid and Indians for their attitude.You always said that chinese people are this and that.But have you ever take a look over yourself? I have chinese friends and they are okay. Eventhough sometimes they might cross some line but they didn't overdo it like you do.

Seriously with they way you are acting right now, No wonder some of the staff there call you "Cina Bukit". Stop being racist!! Why the hell aren't you being thrown to ISA?

A Mother F Racist S.O.B Bast*rds like you deserves to burn in hell!!

You keep whining why people doesn't appreciate you.Even some slightest two syllabic "Great Job/Oh Wow!!" Well here's one for you "F. OFF!!" and if you really have something that you don't like about me, S.U.C.K.M.Y.B.A.L.L.S.F.U.C.K.A!!!
Sakit hati

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8:06 PM
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mouths That Really Need To Be Wash With Soap!

Waiting is one of many many things that can show people what their true nature are.It inflicts pain,boredom and suffering beyond death(I think).This is what happened when a group of people with mix races and background stuck in a class with air conditioner that is barely functioning,no windows and a lecturer who seems really really really fucking bored and annoying plus can't keep his mouth shut.The situation takes about 3 hours.

Annoying Lecturer:Awak kalau berjaya dalam hidup dengan meniru ni awak tahu tak apa implikasinya?Huh?Awak bekerja,dapat gaji,bina keluarga,bersenyawa dengan makhluk lain dan kemudian melahirkan anak.Awak ada terfikir tak bahawa sumber kehidupan awak ni bermula dari sesuatu yang haram yakni peniruan?

Student S: Oh my god this is really killing me.Mi, Just stab your pen in my eyes or split my head open that would be more humane than sitting in here listening to that crap again.I mean come on,it have been going on and on for about 3 months now, always giving us the same inspirational shit.I can rehearse it in my sleep and i remember every single things he said.Im already way past inspired that im beginning to expired.

Annoying Lecturer: Awak ni memang tak macam budak-budak UTW kan?Semua nak disuapkan.Awak ni dah tahun keberapa dah ni?Takkan masih nak kena ajar lagi?Apa yang awak tak faham tentang method yang saya ajar ni?susah sangat ke?Budak-budak dekat UTW sana semua tak payah nak saya ajarkan.Saya masuk tulis dot dot dot pun mereka boleh tahu buat equation ni tau.

Student N: Asek-asek UTW,Asek-asek UTW.Adehhai bosannya.Tak sedar lagi ke yang kita ni bukannya budak UTW.

Student S: Come on, Look at that.For this past few months have you ever seen him wearing anything beside UTM merchandise.He is practically like an ambassador from UTW poseuring like a GAP model.Is he really that cheap that he really need to wear everything that need to be sponsored by.UTW jacket,UTW shirt,UTW tie,UTW marker,fuck even our note and test answer sheet is from UTW supplied by him! Why don't he wear "I heart UTW" shirt and walk around in class naked, that would made a clear statement than killing us with his comparison with UTW students.

Student M: "I heart UTW" you say? More like "I heart Mat Rempit UTW".Isn't it obvious that he swing the other way around.I think eventhough he's married,He have an affair with a Mat rempit from UTW.That why he can shut his lid from yapping about how wonderful UTW boys are.

Student S: *Mimicking like a dreamy highschool girl* Ooh abang UTW is soo smart,He is sooo dashing,He is soo charming,He is sooo good in fucking me...Nye nye nye Barf!!

Student I: Agaknya sebab tu dia sek bising pasal budak UTW.Kita tak derma "air telor" kot kat dia?

Student S:Even when hell freezes over I wouldn't donate a drop of my semen to him.Why dont you ask "Budak Seberang Sana"?He is about 23 years old right but still acting like a retarded sex maniac.Why dont you ask him some and collect it in a milk bottle so our lecturer could savour it as much as he want.

Student A:Bila nak balik ni.Jubo aku dah berbuih dah ni.Air XXX dah berjurai-jurai dah ni.

Student S:You think? Im on the other hand is wearing boxer a freaking GAP boxer.It suppose to give cooling effect but hell no, it is like a group of red indian is lighting a bonfire down here.A girl like you would never know how it feels.You don't have thing hanging down there.

Student A:Ko ingat ko sorang je yang tak selesa ar?Abeh tu aku yang pakai lingerie ni?dah nak melecet dah ni sial.Mau aku balik karang mengengkang.Aku dah ar tengah ditawan jepun ko ingat aku tengah selesa sangat ar ni?

Student E:Haihhh Hamale,Qiu Zi Pet.(I cant remember the rest of it but trust me,He swore about a million things about that lect parent)

Annoying Lecturer:Penghulu,awak tak sediakan air untuk saya ke?Saya ni tekak kering ni.Saya nak air.Mulai esok bawa saya air mineral k?Plus hujan lebat awak tolong jemput saya kat kereta ya?Saya tak nak lah basah lenjun ni.

*I can go on and on about what happened but seriously everybody in my class need a really good wash of their mouth with detergent including me.Erk.
Maybe I'll continue on later on how some students give their lecturer names just because they think that the names they give sounds much better and easier for them to remember

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9:06 PM
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Movie Watching Manners For Dummies.

Movie goer,movie maniac, or movie junkie, call it whatever you want.Movie watching as we all know is one of malaysian favourite leisure time activity.Whether it is just hanging around to kill some times with your buddies or casual dates with a perfect stranger, the cinema is the safe place to chill around and have some laugh.From sappy tear jerking to high rush of adrenaline action flick, the cinema provide us wide range of movies to suit every needs of the viewers.

So here are X guide to go to cinema mainly for idiotic people who are so stupid that they didn't know a simple courtesy when they are in the cinema.Let me divide it into our five main senses, which is the sense of sight,smell,touch,hearing and taste.

1) The sense of sight.
When we are going to the cinema to watch movies,some of us just want to leave everything that have been troubling us behind and just want to relax and enjoy ourselves.So we don't need to encounter another stupid drama from stupid young couples.From making up to break- up, we rather leave the chick flick action to the professional which is the actor and the actress that we pay to watch their movies.So just let us watch the god damn movies and make our two cents worth.We don't need to watch two monkeys macking.Get a room!
I want to see Jennifer Aniston trying to cope with a dog from hell not watching two teenager writhing and groping each other.I pay my money to watch Scarlett Johansson flirting with some married guy who she wants to dry hump not some tamil teledrama where some indian chick cry her heart out and shout at her boyfriend because he's been cheating behind her back.

2)The sense of smell
As we all know a cinema is like a giant big box where a big screen and about hundreds of seats in it.It have about four entrance, two in front and the other two is in the back and it is closed with air conditioner on maximum speed or full blast.So please,please if you want to watch some movies, please consider to go to the toilet to make sure that all of your nature call business mainly business number two is finish.Don't go inside with your stomach rumbling and gassy, exspecially after you ate about half dozen of curry or eggs.We all trap in a container and there is no air-purifier install in it so don't just go farting or belching whenever you want!Think for a fucking second!We don't need to know what you ate for your fucking lunch more over inhaling it for two hours!Please have some respect to other people.It is not funny to fart as loudly as you can and laugh your heart out!

3)The sense of hearing
I know that nowadays about 95% of the people in the world have their own mobile phone.Little kids for god damn sakes who are just in their kindergarten have their own cellular phone.We know you just brought a new phone or just downloaded new ringtones and want to brag about it to others but not in the movies where the scenes of stupid big blonde with silicone implanted boobs is being chased by Jason Vorhees.Come on now, in the middle of suspense where the moronic bitch hide and hoping Jason wouldn't found her hideout, a stupid truetones of Indonesian dangdut songs is interrupting and spoiling the moment.What the fuck!For your information and for others who didn't know we can set our phone to silent mode when we are in situation like this.Just imagine if you are being chased by psychotic killer,I'm pretty sure you wouldn't set your phone mode to general when you are hiding right?Plus is it that hard to turn your phone into silent mode?Does it require you some ritual where you need to cross seven seas and go to the valley of the dead just to turn your phone into silent mode?

4)The sense of touch
I know it is dark in there and you are afraid of watching some thailand corpse hanging in a cinema with blood dripping and suddenly the motherfucker move, but do you really need to hit some stranger next to you?Do you really need to hug him/her?It is okay if you are Nasha Aziz or Adriana Lima but when you are an old dude who watching with her girlfriend or wife it is just plain stupid and embarassing dude.

5)The sense of taste
This is a rare situation but it does happened.When things just get excited and intriguing, You are eating the popcorn like some junkie and then suddenly bam! when you try to drink or eat your popcorn, something floating in your drink or your popcorn suddenly taste like crap.You try to find the gravity what the hell is going on and suddenly the person who watch besides you apologize to you because his/her chewing gum or whatever the hell that person ate drop or accidentally find its way into you drink or your popcorn.Fuck!!

So that is X guide for stupid people who do stupid thing that is stupid enough to make fool out of theirselves.Until then, X blogging off!

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7:49 PM
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Always A Mother,Never A Friend.

I think it may have been about a week or so since I last updating my blog.A lot of things happened but I don't know whether to post it or not.Anyway because of I have nowhere to tell my problems and silly whine.I became disoriented.I don't feel comfortable sharing and opening up to people.Even if it were my mother or my friends.Okay maybe I do tell them sometimes what I'm thinking and what is playing on my mind.But trust me, it merely scratched the surface of what bothering me.

Just the thought of opening up to other people make me tremble.It is like I'm being prepped-up for an open-heart surgery.Where every single thing is exposed and vulnerable where one mistake can lead to fatal consequences.

Some might wonder why the hell are you blogging if you don't want to share things with other people? Well I think it is because I feel safe because people don't know who I am and eventhough they read the things that happened, they really don't know what the hell is going on and what I have been through.What I have wrote and documented is just a rough story that have been simplified because I choose not to spill all of it.

My mother wonder and tell me how she feels.She told me on Mother's Day that she feels like she is losing me.She feels like we are growing apart and she thinks that there is nothing that she can do to fix it.She said that just the thought of one of her offspring being taken away,dead or separated from her is enough to make her to cry until she bleed.

I know that for this past few years there have been some rough patch between us.I know that some of my actions may have cross the line.I have nothing to say to defend myself.Eventhough people says that honesty is the best policy, I remains to keep the truth for I know that the truth that I'm keeping for you hurts.So I choose not to hurt you.I dont show how I appreciate you.You might think that I don't love you for the things that you have done in the past.You might think that I haven't forgive you, but trust me I'm really trying.If growing apart and emotionally empty is the solution, then that is the risk that I'm willing to take.

X+Kwok: Selamat Hari Ibu Ma.
Ma: Terima kasih sebab Along dengan Kwok dapat terima Ma seadanya.

*sigh* I know that we sound cold and plain.Our wishes is so cliche and blase.It seem like we didn't really mean it but I hope that you can see that still deep down inside we still have a shred of respect and love for you even if it is a shred, We are still trying to regain everything and fix everything.So Ma I hope that you understand that Kwok and me still love you eventhough we didn't show it like others.We are trying to grow back the love that have been lost once.

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9:59 AM
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Death Of Romeo And Juliet.

[I know that lately my post seemingly dull and stupid(A lot of stupid entry actually).Its just that I tend to babble like a moron and my mind start to wander through stupid little flimsy things when I have nothing to do.I realized that during my mid-term,my brain doesn't work and functioning like it used to be.I'm becoming an idiot by the moment.I think I might caught one of serious mental problem like moronic behaviour complex or something.]

Since I was a little kid I always always loved Romeo and Juliet.It is not because Romeo and Juliet is a true romantic love story that ever written in history, but because in the end of the story both Romeo and Juliet died.The best part of this play is Juliet actually die twice.One because of the potion that she took and the other one is where she stabbed herself with the dagger that have been used by Romeo straight to her chest.Talk about pain.Ouch!

Tragic yet stupid.I remembered vividly when my mom asked me why I laughed my heart out when she is totally soaking wet and finished about a box of kleenex (Honestly I think that this is the first time my mom realized that her son is coming from the spawn of satan).Set aside joking and stuff, Romeo and Juliet totally taught me a lot of moral value.One of which is miscommunication and misleading signals can led to tragic death.

What I'm trying to say is, how on earth would Juliet and Romeo understand each other completely without getting the wrong idea if every word they used is fill with hints,double meaning and too much poetic words.Metaphors tangled in every sentence makes it really difficult for each other.Can't they just cut the crap and talk straight to the point.

I mean come on Juliet, don't be such a kiss ass and a big fat hipocryte.If she really is a graceful lady, then why is she shagging Romeo every night in her bedroom eventhough they aren't married to each other?If Juliet really is a woman with virtue, then how can she surrender her virginity so simply that a simple poetic word can make her melt and give herself away easily?Instead she rather get her tongue tied using words that are meant to be used in love letters.Isn't it simple if they just tell each other the truth and cut it to the chase?

Romeo: Juliet you are so beautiful tonight that I can't control myself.
Juliet : Romeo I want you to rip my dress now and let my chest burst free from this corset.
Juliet : Take me,Take me now!!
Romeo : Huh?

I know that she may sound slutty and desperate, but it doesn't complicate the situation.For example if someone told Romeo straight to the face that Juliet is just playing dead then they would be happily living together after that.Imagine if nowadays,people communicate with each other like Romeo and Juliet did, how would that go?

A scene in a restaurant.
Waiter : Are we expecting the rest of our party shortly?
Juliet : Yes, they are expected presently.
Romeo : Yes, their arrival is in the offing.
Waiter : We have a table for two available.
Juliet : One needn't worry, they shan't be long.
Waiter : It's just we do have some large parties waiting.
Juliet : Oh, one really does have a stick up in one's arse, doesn't one?

Exactly what I'm trying to say.

Still,if one doesn't charm one's heart with poetic words then one shan't melt away easily, doesn't one?What one is trying to speak is one's desire of true love might fade because of love like one dream of, is where one shall see fireworks sparks above one's head when one's lips met.Lol
Mood:Blabbering like Blithering Idiot

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Bloom

"Kau boleh hilangkan hujan?" Katanya kepada aku.

"Mustahil!" Pintas aku.

"Macam itu juga lah bagi aku, mustahil bagi aku untuk melupakan engkau kerana aku tahu betapa sukanya engkau terhadap hujan.Setiap kali hujan turun pasti aku teringat akan engkau.Jadi jika engkau mahukan aku melupakan tentang engkau, kau hilangkanlah hujan."

Aku terdiam.

Cheesy and corny line, I know.But that is the truth.Even after everything, everytime I see the rain falling from the sky I can't help but remembering that stupid line.

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